DIY Ornaments


  • Plastic ornament balls
  • Acrylic or Tempera water based paint.
  • Dixie cup or plastic cup for draining.

Step 1. Remove lid from plastic ornament. Place it to the side where it won’t get lost.

Step 2. Add paints into ornament one by one. Turn, swirl, and shake the ornament in order to cover the entire surface area with paint. (In my video I sped up the process to save your precious time, but the kids have fun watching the paint flow like lava around the inside of the ornament. It takes up much more time than 4 minutes).

Step 3. Place Dixie cup out in an area meant for drying.

Step 4. Turn ornament opening down and rest ornament on top of Dixie cup so that the excess paint can flow out of the ornament into the cup.

Step 5. Let sit for approximately 24 hours or until dry.

Step 6. Replace lid and hang where you desire.

Have fun and learn something,

Honest Eagle

Water based Tempera paint.

Pack of clear plastic fillable ornaments.

Thank You Veterans

I want to take a moment to thank those men and women who have sacrificed their lives to grant us the freedoms we enjoy on a daily basis. They are not freedoms. Freedom would suggest that they had been granted at no cost.

Anyone who possesses the slightest knowledge of American history knows that these “freedoms” were only achieved through an immovable belief in human rights, and the courage to sacrifice everything for these rights.

Once upon a time, our Hollywood greats consisted of men and women who embodied American spirit and patriotism. By watching their films or listening to their music you could quickly get an idea of what it meant to be an American.

Many of our most iconic celebrities were veterans. These hero’s include Jimmy Hendrix, Oliver Stone, Betty White, Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, Elvis Presley, Chuck Norris, Pat Sajak, Hugh Hefner, Jonny Carson, Johnny Cash, Bea Arthur and many many more.

I truly believe that if “The Duke” (John Wayne) was hosting Saturday Night Live the night comedian Pete Davidson made fun of war hero Dan Crenshaw’s combat related injuries, he would have stood up, said ” Hey pilgrim, your gonna need a couple stitches.” and proceeded to kick his ass on live television.

Saturday Night Live should be thanking a soldier at the end of every show for providing them the freedom to openly criticize their government and make money doing so.


Thank you to all those who have served. Thank you for fighting for our freedom. Thank you for the years and months spent away from family and friend. Thank you for the missed holidays and hardships endured. Thank you for your courage.

Happy Veterans Day,

Honest Eagle

A Bit About the Author

I am a parent, outdoor enthusiast, fisherman, former SWAT team member and Emergency Manager. I hold a Master’s Degree in Threat Response Management from the University of Chicago. When I was in Boy Scouts as a young man I achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. I chose to name my blog “The Scout” for this reason. Boy Scouts helped shape me as a man, and in my mind represents truth, trust, loyalty and community. My current life revolves around my family and community. I strive to teach my children about the world by experiencing it first hand. My goal for this blog is to add value to your life by sharing my experiences, triumphs, failures, humor, and limited knowledge, so that I may grow by receiving the same from you. I am by no means a professional writer so expect plenty of incorrect grammar. That being said, what I lack in writing skills I will put back ten fold in heart. I hope to see you on the trail soon.


Honest Eagle